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Which version of Kontakt or Kontakt player is required to run the library?

You need at least the updated full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4 in order to run the library, though version 5 is recommended. There is a very small limitation in version 4 – when you change the instrument loaded into the Kontakt slot with the drag and drop method – e.g. if you change the loaded Violin Close to Viola Close by dragging Viola into the Violin slot - there may be some sound artifacts and defects afterwards. If you are using the Kontakt version 4, please always unload any instrument first if you want to switch to another patch in the same slot.

I am an owner of the original PragueSounds Solo Strings 1 library. Will I get the Solo Strings 2.0 for free?

Yes, all owners of the original 1.0 version of the library are eligible to get the 2.0 version for free. We are contacting each of them automatically with download instructions. If you happen to be such a user and think that we have forgotten about you, please let us know. This applies to all sales which took place at any time before the version 2.0 was released.

Do you charge EU customers with additional VAT?

The price is final and includes all possible taxes, so it is the same for all customers.

What is PragueSounds Solo Strings Lite and how does it differ from the 2.0 version?

It is a boxed version of the original version 1 library which we currently offer in a time-limited clearance sale for a very special price. The buyers will also receive a $20 discount for purchasing the 2.0 version at any time in the future. Basically, the version 1/Lite library has similar patches to the 2.0, but does not contain legato, portamento, ensemble mode, release samples and other features and most importantly, there is no GUI at all. Apart from that, the general sound and sound configuration are not as advanced as in the 2.0 version.