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About the Library

PragueSounds Solo Strings 2.0 is a sample library with a distinctive sound blend of grainy and lyrical qualities. It features a large number of patches that have been recorded in two different mic positions, some patches in five mic positions, while different recordings were used for each individual mic position.

Screenshot 1Its basic sounds, which are based on our previous version 1 samples, have been vastly improved. The 2.0 version features legato, portamento, round robin, sordino, double/triple bow, EQ and other modern functions. On top of that, there is the ensemble mode which can turn any solo patch to a section, while preserving the legato function and all the other features.

Screenshot 2All of this is put into a perfectly organized GUI which we have developed with one particular thing in mind – to make all the extensive functions controllable in the most effective and easy-to-use way. We have also expanded the tweakability into a maximum degree, giving you total freedom of using any CCs or keyswitches. Therefore, almost every knob and function can be individually assigned to any CC you want. Yet, for those who just want to load and play immediately – everything is meticulously configured at default and ready for immediate and full utilization of the library.

Screenshot 3The large amount and complexity of available sounds and articulations, together with the universal sound character and a large-scale ensemble mode makes the library suitable for a range of music styles and genres. It is perfect for classical music, film and TV scoring, game music, ambient and many more.


  • 7,90 GB of audio data (compressed to 2,60 GB .ncw), 44,1 kHz / 16-bit
  • Over 200 instrument programs
  • Looped, rebalanced, reconfigured sounds from version 1 with added release samples
  • Scripted adaptive legato, configurable portamento, round robin and sordino
  • Ensemble mode with up to 8 virtual players
  • Controllable non-vibrato/vibrato for basic sustain patches
  • Many long articulations including basic sustain, basic smooth, lyrical, expressive, fast, very fast, tremolo
  • Plenty of short articulations including loose and semi-long variations for violin
  • Two mic positions – medium and close – for every patch, while each position contains different sound recordings
  • Far, ambient and very close mic position recordings for basic forte sustain patches and several other selected individual patches
  • Two low tuned double-bass patches (besides a full battery of patches in standard tuning)
  • Release time control
  • EQ with a possibility to store your own presets
  • Original version 1 is included in a separate directory
  • Full version of Kontakt 4 or later is required to run the library